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  • Porsche Mobile Application

    Porsche Centre Melbourne is a purpose built centre, incorporating sales, parts & service (including motorsport department), financial services, selection boutique and even a cafe.

    Porsche Centre Melbourne wanted an application, for both iPhone and iPad, developed to make the services it offered more accessible and user-friendly. The app needed to provide already established clients with a multitude of services, and help prospective buyers view and assess Porsche Centre Melbourne’s range of pre-owned Porsche vehicles.

    Newpath WEB were called upon to create a mobile application, which was designed to be included on iPhone as well as iPad for Porsche Centre Melbourne.

    Our team created an app that would greatly improve the access current clients had to Porsche Centre Melbourne. The different components that would accomplish this were existing owners being able to connect with Porsche Centre Melbourne to contact sales support, book a service enquiry, connect with roadside assist in case of an emergency and many other features. 

    We were also challenged to include features for prospective buyers. Potential clients are able to view the impressive range of pre-owned Porsche vehicles available for sale through the app, which is fed via a real time live feed from Porsche Centre Melbourne.

    Prospective buyers for Porsche Centre Melbourne can book a test drive to get a feel for their vehicle of choice, tell their fellow Porsche enthusiasts about their test drive experience through the application and view the photo gallery of each vehicle. Directions to the Centre are made easy and accessible via integration of Google maps to the app.