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David Ziguras March 8th, 2016

Are you trying to find the right expert Magento eCommerce developer for your next website project? Confused about what to ask, or what to be on the look out for? I have written the below to try and help you with the selection process.

Magento Expertise comes from years of experience in working with both the Magento Community Magento Enterprise editions. The beauty and power of Magento makes it suitable for both small and large businesses, and an expert Magento eCommerce developer should be able to give you a clear, comprehensive scope and proposal outlining the version of Magento that is right for you, and how the site will be built – in granular detail, to meet your business needs. 

Coming back to the question: How to select expert Magento eCommerce developer?

Magento is a very powerful open source CMS platform. With the right approach by experienced developer Magento can and should become your biggest ally in terms of a shot at a successful eCommerce venture. Take the time to research Magento developers carefully, and you’ll be in good hands.

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