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David Ziguras February 13th, 2017

Social media marketing is becoming more challenging and time-consuming, hence we feel it’s time to get organised when managing your brand’s social presence.

There are many reasons for a brand to invest in social media marketing, and the results depend on the goals set:

No matter what goals you set for the new year, you still need to stay on top of your brand’s social media marketing and the right checklist may help you with all the tasks you need to do at the beginning of the year. Here’s our tips from a social media management company Melbourne for your 2017 social media marketing checklist.


The initial stage where you’ll think of new ways to boost your social media marketing.


Now it’s time to evaluate your planning to see whether it’s effective enough to help your social media marketing.


Now you’re ready to check the practical aspect of your social media marketing. Evaluating the implementation phase helps you understand whether your plan has been successful.


Examine whether the campaign is effective.

Although the checklist and the questions you need to answer might seem time-consuming, the actual process is faster than you think. This can even be an annual task, helping you create a successful social media marketing strategy, with a clear plan, goal and measurement.

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