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Partha March 13th, 2019

As a business, your main focus should be extending your audience reach and building a loyal customer base. In today’s world of increasing online competition, this is easier said than done. This is why businesses all across Australia are turning to social media marketing companies in Australia to help them get a better footing and help level the playing field. One such company in particular is Newpath Web.

With many years of experience helping a portfolio of clients large and small get a better footing in today’s fast pace world, their team of highly experienced SEO specialists can utilise the benefits of digital advertising, social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to your advantage. Many people see social media as a place to post pictures, leave funny comments and tag their friends in memes. Little do they know that when combined with an SEO campaign, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram can become massive power houses that can boost your audience reach to global proportions.

Newpath Web has spent many years helping and assisting their clients achieve a high return on investment with an increased customer base. Their team will work closely with you in order to fully understand how your business works. They will understand the core message of your business, its brand and important needs in order to plan and create a tailored SEO campaign that is unique to your specific requirements.

Newpath Web can provide the assistance of professional copywriters that will create unique and high-quality copy for your website and external blogs that are fully optimised with targeted keywords. These keywords will be targeted according to the relevance of your services and business as a whole in regards to generic search terms your customers are using when searching online. This will build authority and relevance with search engines such as Yahoo and Google back to your website, resulting in your ranking position for each keyword increasing towards the number one position.

With their SEO specialists working closely with you, they will create a marketing campaign that will boost your web traffic resulting in more leads that convert into sales and raised brand awareness with your customers. Their marketing team will implement proven digital marketing strategies across social media channels and will always keep you informed of the latest search algorithm changes, new social platforms, latest social media trends and more.

You will always be informed and up to date as you will have a professional account manager who will work closely with you to ensure that your marketing campaign is meeting your needs. With monthly and weekly performance reports, SEO break downs and an online portal that can be accessed 24/7, you are always in control.

When looking for social media marketing companies in Australia that can deliver the results that you need to get ahead, get in contact with the experts at Newpath Web today. Visit their website for all the information you need to get started today.

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