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Partha March 15th, 2020

Website personalisation is the term given to creating a customised experience for somebody who visits a website. Put simply, it’s about taking the standard, normal web page you would show to a visitor, and altering it based on  particular criteria of that unique visitor.

When used correctly, brands can tailor their generic website to present visitors with personalised content, or to provide a user-friendly route to the content that particular visitor or stream of visitors care about the most.

When we talk about online or website personalisation, we’re essentially talking about how we can use data to drive website personalisation in real-time. That might sound scary, but, it’s actually quite simple. In fact, it’s been happening in places such as social media and eCommerce websites for quite a long time already.

The personalisation of online experiences is actually nothing new. However, the trend of businesses personalising content on website pages themselves is something relatively new and is definitely worth exploring.

Why should businesses care about website personalisation?

As technology has improved and the digital space has evolved, the demands and expectations of users have continued to grow. Customers no longer want to see the same old website homepage, which is being shown to a million other customers.

Sometimes users might not be able to describe what sets a good website apart from a bad one, but they’ll remember the websites that gave them a simple, easy user experience. Most users might not even be aware that elements of content on websites are personalised, they’ll just see that website as helpful, or easy to navigate.

Website personalisation is best utilised when it’s improving the user’s experience. There are some very simple, but effective uses for website personalisation, including:

These are all fairly basic personalisation experiences to create and good starting points. We can take you a lot deeper into personalisation based on the needs of your business and your existing and prospective customers.

Personalisation experiences such as the above offer significant opportunity for businesses, as there is almost always a conversion rate improvement to be gained through the personalisation of content. It’s simple, we know users will convert better on a website which is personalised to them.

The opportunity with website personalisation

We’ve created website personalisation experiences for a number of clients, and we’ve found there is a clear and demonstrable return on investment for this work, purely down to the conversion rate improvements that can be achieved almost immediately.

Website personalisation can provide a strong competitive advantage.


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