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Bridget Black June 30th, 2021

Building a new website or updating an existing one is always an exciting time, particularly for eCommerce store operators. For online retailers, your website is equivalent to a physical shopfront. It’s the chance to express your business, brand, and personality through choices in design, colour, graphics, and typography.

It’s not all fun and games, however. If your online store is lacking a certain feature that consumers expect — a wish list function, for example — they can quickly choose to take their business elsewhere. Given how competitive the digital retail space is, this can have a devastating effect on your bottom line.

This is why it’s highly recommended that you turn to a professional digital services agency to have your new eCommerce store built — like Newpath Web! Here at Newpath, we are experts in the CMS (that’s content management system) and website development space. As a Gold partner certified Kentico web agency (the highest level possible), we understand the capabilities of the Kentico platform and would certainly recommend it for all your eCommerce needs.

If you’ve never heard of Kentico before or are eager to learn more about how Newpath Web can help you meet your digital goals, read on!

What is Kentico?

Kentico is a popular type of CMS, or content management system. A content management system is a type of software that can be used to easily build engaging, effective websites. Using a CMS, such as Kentico, means that you don’t need to know how to code. Instead, the software comes with a range of features that makes website developing easy.

That doesn’t mean that CMS platforms are only used by those with limited tech knowledge. Rather, many professional developers use this software as it offers the ability to build secure, functional websites. Many of the world’s most popular websites have been built using a CMS platform. By some estimates, up to 64 million websites worldwide have been built using some form of the software.

Different CMS platforms have different capabilities and are suitable for different purposes. WordPress, for example, is one of the world’s most popular CMS platforms. Considered to be an all-purpose software, WordPress is used to build everything from blogs to social media sites.

Which brings us to Kentico. Kentico is a platform designed specifically for those working in the eCommerce space. It comes with a range of features that are incredibly useful to online retailers and those working in the digital marketing space, which is why our experienced team of developers often recommend utilising the software to build eCommerce stores.

A quick side note: Kentico is a proprietary CMS. What does that mean? Well, Kentico is completely owned and managed by the team of developers who created the source code. This differs from an open-source CMS, such as WordPress and Drupal, which are run by a community of developers of which anyone is welcome to join.

Features of an eCommerce site

Perhaps you’re asking, what kind of special features does an eCommerce site need?

The answer is quite a few, and they can be divided into the following categories:

Front end:

Back end:


As is the case with all websites, an eCommerce site needs to be:

Kentico and eCommerce — a match made in heaven

While Kentico can be used to build a wide variety of websites, the platform has a range of features that certainly support the construction of eCommerce sites.

If you are working in the eCommerce sector, having a website that supports your goals is extremely important. Online retail, much like real world retail, is a very competitive industry. It’s imperative that you have access to all the information and tools that you need to track customer trends, advertise your products, and provide a safe and secure portal for customers to shop.

The list of tools and features provided by the Kentico platform that can assist you achieve your eCommerce goals include:

Newpath Web — skilled, professional Kentico experts

Kentico is an extremely flexible, versatile platform that can be used to build engaging, modern eCommerce websites. Our team of certified Kentico developers have over ten years’ experience using the platform and have developed Kentico solutions for a range of public and private organisations.

We understand the power of Kentico and are eager to share our knowledge and skills with our clients. If you’re looking for a Kentico web agency that delivers on their promises, Contact Newpath Web today.

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