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Bridget Black September 29th, 2021

In 2021, standing out online is hard. It takes considerable time, effort, and creativity to produce a digital experience that is both unique and useful. The speed at which technology is evolving means that there’s plenty of opportunities to take advantage of innovation. Being able to take innovative technologies and implement them in a way that will help convert potential customers into actual sales is where the challenge lies.

At Newpath Web, we know that the best way to attract attention is by making the most of new technologies. Our digital marketing and web development services teams are at the forefront of innovation. Their skill, knowledge, and experience will ensure that your website stands out from the crowd — for the right reasons.

Continue reading to discover what exciting technologies we think are set to change the marketing game.

Virtual and augmented reality

VR and AR are not exactly new buzzwords. We’ve been talking about how these technologies are set to impact business, entertainment, and advertising for quite a while now.

In 2021, the technology is starting to catch up with our expectations. This advancement was further pushed by the Covid-19 pandemic, which left millions of us housebound and unwilling to physically visit shops. ‘Try before you buy’ experiences became very popular. AR was used by companies such as Ikea and Gucci to provide customers with the opportunity to virtually test a product before purchasing.

Machine learning

Artificial intelligence is completely revolutionising the way we source and target potential customers. Most websites you visit nowadays will be using some form of machine learning to provide you with a personalised experience. Netflix is an obvious example. Your Netflix homepage is unique. The company uses data gathered from your viewing history to suggest films, shows, genres, and stars that you might enjoy.

The result is that we spend a lot more time watching Netflix. Machine learning can be harnessed to provide personalised user experiences that draw your customers in, encouraging them to spend time on your site and hopefully follow up by making a purchase or seeking out your services.

There are many other ways that machine learning can be implemented to engage customers online. Chatbots are becoming more intelligent by the day, and may soon replace live chat customer service. Marketing automation — using machine learning to send emails, post on social media, and launch advertising campaigns — is quickly becoming the most efficient and intelligent way to target potential customers.

Many web development services teams are now looking at how they can incorporate AI technologies to help their clients make the most of customer data.

Headless CMS

This is a slightly more technical aspect of web development, so bear with us. A headless CMS is a type of software that can make your website and content accessible on any device. How does that work?

Well, typically, a standard CMS is made up of two components — the front-end and the back-end. A headless CMS, on the other hand, contains only the back-end, which is also known as the content repository. This is where all of your content, images, videos, and more are stored. Instead of a front-end, a headless CMS uses APIs — Application Program Interface — for display on any (and all) devices. If you know that your customers are likely to be accessing your website on a smart watch, you can build a relevant API. If, a few years down the track, virtual reality headsets are all the rage for browsing online, all that you have to do is build an API for this device.

What a headless CMS does is future-proof your website. This means that all your hard work doesn’t have to go to waste when technology means on. They are particularly recommended for marketers who are spending considerable time creating personalised, branded content that needs to last.

As a certified Kentico web agency, we often recommend Kentico Kontent as a headless CMS of choice.


5G is slowly being rolled out by telecommunications providers around the world. What does that mean for digital marketers? Well, to start with, it means more customers will be able to view high definition videos and content-heavy websites. Site speed should decrease, which is always a win from an SEO perspective.

5G will result in increased bandwidth, meaning marketers can take advantage of AR and VR technologies. It will also make it easier to track, collect, and collate large amounts of customer data, helping you to make informed decisions.

The best way you can take advantage of emerging technologies is by partnering with a full services digital agency, like Newpath Web. Our marketing and web development services teams work hand in hand to make sure our customers are benefiting from the latest and greatest in marketing technologies. Contact us today to find out more about our portfolio and services.

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