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Best Email Marketing Services in Australia

Email Marketing Services

Best Email Marketing Services in Australia

It doesn’t matter if your company is large or small, every company should invest in email marketing. With email marketing services your company will be able to take advantage of many opportunities such as providing clients with exclusive and targeted content, campaigns for product launches or events you might be hosting, as well as offers available to consumers.

Instead of posting a general message on a social media platform that’s designed for a wide audience, you can have a specific email subscriber’s list for the services or information you want to promote to existing and prospective customers. Email marketing allows you to include exclusive content that subscribers won’t be able to get anywhere else, giving them an incentive to sticking around.

Although the main focus for a mailing list is computer based, clients now want a more compact and easier format to use on the go. The mailing list can have an innovative and creative design, but it also needs to be offered on a mobile platform to give it that extra accessibility that is perfect for consumers on the go. Newpath WEB takes this into consideration with the best email marketing services we offer.

Email marketing specialists at Newpath WEB uses a number of pre-selected third party tools such as Campaign Monitor to design and develop creative and personalised custom email templates for your company’s newsletter or other HTML email campaigns, which includes editable regions. This will allow you to continue to use the same template and change up the content with every newsletter or campaign you want to send your clients. We also offer custom created HTML newsletter and marketing solutions.

Sending out several newsletters or campaigns is great, but we want you to know what kind of positive effect it’s having on your business. To do this we ensure you have access to user statistics that show you what percentage of users have been opening your emails, if they’ve been clicking through to the service or information you are providing and if they’ve forwarded this on to their network or shared it through a social media site. We want you to have the best feedback for the services you want to provide, at your fingertips.

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