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 Microsite Design & Landing Pages

What is a micro site, and how can it help with online marketing?

A micro site is a website developed to target one particular product, service or sales campaign. It’s used to communicate a specific product carried by a company, be it an upcoming exhibition or trade show, an event – such as an initial public offering, or a time-based push by a sales force for a particular business or product offering. Micro sites help create buzz, excitement and emphasis as well as helping to break away from the clutter, so that a business can stand out from the crowd.

Many established e-commerce companies produce dedicated micro sites for each of their product lines in order to associate each one individually with a highly specific visual style. Product-targeted micro sites also provide visitors with accurate and relevant information in a compact and fast manner, hence reducing prospect attrition rates, thus increasing sales.

At Newpath WEB we can create landing pages that are tailored to your campaign or to a specific product or service. A team of more than 40 designers build each page from the ground up, using unique images and calls to action while harnessing proven marketing techniques to help increase your sales.

At Newpath WEB our teams also design landing pages to work with pay per click (PPC) campaigns.To ensure maximum relevancy, each landing page is carefully constructed to compliment the keywords designated in the pay per click campaign.

Newpath WEB help improve conversion rates and increase return on investment for PPC and website advertising, thus making every campaign a huge success.

Newpath WEB also offers landing page enhancement projects using mouse tracking and multivariate testing technology and methodologies.

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Our web site design approach combines
Website Design Approach - Research
Website Design Approach - Planning
Website Design Approach - Usability
Website Design Approach - Creativity
Website Design Approach - Wireframes
Website Design Approach - Implementation

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