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Google Analytics and Reporting

Throwing a lot of information at you in a general and confusing way about who visits your company’s website will not help you get a clear idea of your online reputation. This is where google analytics and reporting and Newpath WEB come in.

Google analytics is information, presented in graphs and statistics, that is comprised of all the traffic your website gets. This information is made up of viewers who are new to your site and visitors that have been to your site before.

The data breaks down how viewers are reaching your site, which shows what networks are the best avenues for advertising in or which ones need more advertising to increase their reach.

Having a better idea of where your target audience is coming from allows us to choose which networks are the best fit for your company, and how better to appeal to your audience through those networks.

With this data we can present a simple, accurate and up to date summary of how your site reaches your audience, and whether it is improving or failing in a current time period. 

Using google analytics without the ability to interpret the information it gives you will leave a lot of its potential unrealised. We can decipher the content, and give you an easy to understand overview of who has been visiting your site. We can show the key locations of your audience.

We will not only help you appeal to new visitors, but also ensure they keep coming back for more.

To find out more on our google analytics and reporting methods, contact us. 

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