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Pay Per Click/AdWords Management

Avail the Best Pay Per Click Management Services in Australia

Using Pay Per Click, drive much more new web traffic to your website instantly. We guarantee our results, and you will save money with Newpath WEB pay per click management services.

Pay per click search engine marketing (PPC) and bid management involves paying for your website to have a prominent position on the relevant search results page of a specific search engine. For each visitor that clicks on your link you are charged at a specified rate. The benefit of a PPC program is you only pay for results.

Newpath WEB PPC

There are hundreds of pay per click search engines which can help you generate targeted website traffic. However, the number of options available makes it extremely difficult to determine which are worth using, and how much money to invest. The Newpath WEB Pay Per Click Bid Management team does this work for you, devising a pay per click search engine strategy which generates the highest possible number of click throughs for your chosen budget.

All of our campaigns come with guaranteed results, and you will fall in love with our competitive pricing.

Keyword research

Our Pay Per Click management services starts with keyword research. Before you begin a pay per click campaign, it’s vital to know what keywords or search phrases your customers are searching with. Once you have determined the most commonly used terms you can begin to build an advertising campaign around them. Newpath WEB a pay per click service provider handles this entire process for you, provides detailed reports, and explains why we are crafting your campaign the way we are – to deliver your business the very best results.

Pay per click bidding

Newpath WEB will look after the entire bid management process on your behalf so you don’t come off second best in bidding wars or end up paying too much for listings. We get the balance just right, and will provide you with daily reports so you can track your costs, cost per click, and leads. And don’t forget, we provide a custom SEO portal, where all of our online marketing clients can login at any time to review, and run real time reports and view up to date campaign based information.

Copywriting and ad wording

The right copy in your ads can greatly increase the click-thru-rate (CTR). As part of all our PPC solutions, we include at no extra cost the writing of copy for your ads. Ads written by Newpath WEB PPC staff will grab the attention of your audience and drive quality traffic and leads to your website.

PPC Campaign metrics and tracking

It has to be said, we thrive on stats and information. We carefully review many different reports, and pieces of campaign information to then be able to make informed decisions about tweaking and managing PPC campaigns to make sure they are a huge success.


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