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Social Media Management

We’ll do what you don’t have time to do by creating effective and innovative posts for your different social media platforms, and keep your company’s profiles up to date with current events, new products, and the different services you offer your clients.

No matter what demographic your target audience is made up of, the majority of them will have at least one social media profile which connects them to their friends, family, and more importantly what businesses they are interested in.

A social media portfolio in essence is all the different social media platforms your company has a profile with. The main social media platforms we at Newpath WEB focus on are facebook, twitter, linkedIn, youtube and instagram. These are essential to using all the potential attention social media has to offer your company.

The most important aspect of having a social media portfolio is keeping each profile unique and diverse. This diversity in profiles will show your consumers every aspect of your company on different platforms. The aim is to make your audience want to follow them all to get the whole picture or at least give them the information they need about your company, even those that are only based on one social media platform.

Each profile we create will promote your company in completely different ways, but still keep your audience engaged with different and refreshing content on each platform.

This will keep your audience captivated with all of your social media profiles, but the views and values of your company will still be deeply embedded in your company’s entire social media portfolio.

Instead of just setting a date on your company’s profile for an event, why not let us craft a consistent and diverse stream of posts to pump up your audience? We will provide the best way to keep your demographic informed without having to visit your website constantly to keep up with your company’s current events.

The content is given to them on a platform they already use consistently, in an easy and efficient way, keeping them informed and even entertained with the different posts Newpath WEB will create on your company’s behalf.

To keep you updated on a regular basis, we will send you a content calendar, which will be a simple plan for the content we want to post for your company on your social media portfolios.

At the end of every month we will also deliver a report to show you what we have done and how it has worked, and we will go through whether we have been working towards the goals we have set, and how we can better the content we have been creating.

Contact us if you want to find out more about our social media management process.

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