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Partha April 10th, 2019

How your website looks is incredibly important. As it’s how you make your first impression with your customers, it needs to grab their attention – and hold it. The average attention span of a typical user is around three seconds, so it’s incredibly important that your site makes a great first impression quickly. But that being said, it can be very easy to make certain mistakes or forget to add certain features, which is why having professional web design in Melbourne with Newpath Web will ensure that these following mistakes are avoided at all costs.

From the moment your website loads, your users will instantly form a first impression and opinion about your business. It’s up to the design of your website if it’s a good or bad first impression. A typical mistake companies can make is not being clear about their message and purpose. As soon as users click your website, they should understand clearly what the aim of your business is and why they should choose your business. Make sure that your homepage and landing pages clearly communicate to your users what it is that you do and what your customers stand to benefit.

Websites that take longer than three seconds to load will typically have a high bounce rate. This is because the average attention span of a user is under three seconds, and anything over three seconds is going to cause your users to hit the back button and find another website that loads faster. There are many ways to avoid this problem, such as ensuring that each video and image on your website is correctly compressed so that it has a smaller file size yet doesn’t sacrifice any quality.

In 2019 there is no excuse if your website is not mobile-friendly. As most users access websites from their mobile phones, tablets and laptops with smaller screens, your website needs to adapt. If your users have to constantly swipe across their screen and use their fingers to zoom in and out just to view the information they are trying to access, then they will leave your website for one that can correctly display the content on their screens.

The UI (User Interface) is incredibly important for the overall UX (User Experience). All your users, including the non-tech savvy users, need to be able to easily navigate to each page of your website. If they find themselves lost on a page without knowing how to get back, or just can’t find where to go to find the information they need, then they will leave and never come back. Having a simple yet attractive UI that guides users through your website is key to ensuring that your users are comfortable when navigating through each webpage.

With years of experience and a portfolio of satisfied clients big and small, Newpath Web leads the way when businesses need professional web design in Melbourne. To avoid these easy to make mistakes when it comes to web design, visit our website to browse our range of digital services and for all other information.

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