Wordpress CMS

As one of the original website platforms, Wordpress still has so much to offer organisations__

From elegant, yet simple brochure websites to enterprise solutions, WordPress has been providing organisations with the very best in website functionality for over two decades.

Despite the technology having been around for a considerable amount of time, so many websites around the world still rely on it (over 60 million to be exact), and WordPress still has the ability to deliver an exceptional customer and technological experience.

As an open source content system built in PHP, WordPress is exceptional at creating blogs and websites, and can provide organisations with the ability to create beautifully designed and highly functional websites, without the typical development effort.

WordPress also offers almost endless options for customisation via third-party plugins, as well as design customisation through responsively-designed themes that are extremely mobile-friendly.

WordPress plugins, though, are both a benefit and a disadvantage. They do need to be updated constantly in order to continue providing an exceptional service, necessitating input from a developer and a constant administrative effort.

The Newpath web development team have experience in both setting up, designing, and ultimately managing the technical side of WordPress websites.

Wordpress CMS


Few platforms are as flexible as WordPress, offering options both to micro businesses and enterprise-level organisations.

WordPress is extremely flexible in its ability to offer organisations the options to add and change features, and scale when needed.

WordPress’s suite of responsive themes can help organisations deliver beautifully designed, user-friendly websites with ease, while focusing their efforts on other value-adding areas.

WordPress offers so many more options that the ability to build an impressive brochureware website.

Organisations of all sizes can add and change functionality with ease with third-party plug ins.

WordPress’s CMS, and related plugins, require little to no coding experience to set up and manage.

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