Conversion rate optimisation

We’ll help pull all the right levers to help you transform visitors to customers

When it comes to online sales, nothing is more powerful than a strong conversion rate. Yet despite this, many companies hover around a 1 or 2% conversion rate. This can substantially hurt marketing budgets, as it means that your organisation is paying a lot for traffic that simply doesn’t convert. 

A small increase in conversion rate can make all the difference to revenue, and ultimately, the ROI on your marketing spend. 

At Newpath, we have witnessed a monumental shift in our client’s businesses when we’ve been able to increase conversion rates by even 0.5% – yet often we’re able to do much more than this. 

Fortunately, we no longer need to ‘guess’ at what drives conversions. By combining the latest technology with advances in understanding of user behaviour, conversion rate optimisation has become more of a science than an art – but yet, you still need all of the right elements in order to find success.

In order to successfully increase your conversion rate, we employ the below methodology: 

  • Analyse key data points: How is your website losing visitors? Why? At what stage of the funnel are they dropping out? We use analytics to diagnose key issues. 
  • Employ technical solutions: There are a myriad of reasons your website may not be converting as it should, from slow uploads to unnecessary steps in the user flow. We employ technical solutions where needed to rectify key issues. 
  • Copy, design and experience: Sometimes the reason for poor conversion can be as simple as a button colour or a poor call to action. We also assist you in rectifying issues like these. 
  • Funnel optimisation: In order to drive optimal conversion, every step in your acquisition and conversion funnel must be optimised. We take a holistic view and improve every possible step. 
  • Testing and iterating: After optimising your funnel, we’ll continue to work with you to test and iterate your customer journey in order to continually improve your conversion rate optimisation. 


Streamlining your user experience in order to optimise your conversion rate can be complex and time-consuming, but the effort ultimately results in vastly improved ROI for your business.

Conversion rate optimisation


With the latest technologies and methodologies, we no longer need to guess at what can help significantly increase conversion rates.

Using data and analytics, we will methodically work through the data that underpins your customer journey.

Throughout your customer journey, there can be many unintended barriers to conversion, including slow uploads, sub-optimal visuals, and an unclear path to purchase.

We’ll work with you to help identify and rectify those barriers.

Oftentimes, design, copy, or other well-intentioned elements within your customer experience may be impacting conversions.

We’ll strategically work through your entire funnel to identify opportunities to improve customer experiences and improve conversions as a result.

One of the most business-critical metrics, above all else, is your conversion rate.

Small incremental improvements in conversion can have huge revenue impacts. We’ll work with you to continually move the dial in terms of performance and ROI.

One of the most critical, yet difficult to improve metrics from a digital marketing perspective is your conversion rate. 

Working strategically, we’ll review critical data and all elements of your customer journey to ensure you see tangible improvements in your conversion rate.

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