Capture, deliver, scale and connect with the very best CMS (Content Management System) and DXP (Digital Experience System)

Any digital organization knows that a CMS provides the foundation for any activities that involve digital identity, strategy, and ultimately engagement. 

A DXP, however, is a powerful step up.. DXPs provide a comprehensive suite of tools that deliver powerful personal experiences that ultimately help you to connect with your customers. DXPs can also transcend languages, geographies and channels to ultimately deliver for your customer. 

Both CMS’s and DXPs have developed at lightning speed of late, and are both capable of providing a dazzling array of personalized services to your customers. 

DXPs, at the very least, provide a well-integrated and cohesive experience by integrating technologies that enable the composition, delivery, personalised management, and ultimate optimisation of context-specific digital experiences. 

Simply put, DXPs enable multi experience customer journeys, including tracking activities, behaviours, interactions and locations, throughout a customer’s entire lifecycle. The level of data they provide enables you to build and optimise your customer journeys. 

The Newpath team can help you understand, implement and manage a number of CMS and DXP platforms, and are experts in ascertaining the level of functionality required for an optimal customer experience.



DXP platforms enable brands to deliver memorable touchpoints right across the value chain, from online to in-person.

With a DXP, your ways to interact with customers are almost endless: you can do so via web, mobile, voice assistants, customer portals and kiosks, chatbots, and much more, which helps drive better customer retention.

DXPs are the ultimate integration tool, so they are able to seamlessly integrate your marketing, commerce and customer support portals, all in real-time. 

Leveraging APIs, you can collect and store data across every touchpoint, and utilise this in your marketing strategy.

DXPs are a powerhouse of artificial intelligence and the actionable insights they provide help organisations make strategic marketing decisions, all backed by actionable data.

AI helps organisations discover that data.

The AI embedded within DXPs can help brands adopt personalisation at scale, meaning that every customer interaction can be one that drives loyalty and retention.

Contextual personalisation takes into account every interaction a customer has had, and learns from these patterns to provide an optimal experience.

CMSs, and now, DXPs, are powerful tools that offer organisations the opportunity to leverage data to provide powerful personalisation.

The Newpath team can help you set up and manage your DXP to provide the best possible customer experiences.

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