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Customer-driven digital experience agency__

As a customer-driven digital experience agency, we specialise in designing online and mobile experiences that resonate with audiences. Our approach is wrapped up in a proven Digital Experience program – enjoyed by some of the biggest brands across Asia Pacific.

Digital experience
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Designing the ideal digital experience__

For enterprises with aspirations of market leadership, quality customer experiences are paramount to sales. Building the ideal experience requires a process of discovery, user research, and design thinking.

Whether you are seeking to build a completely unique digital product as a mobile app, an e-commerce website, a membership experience, or an information resource, Newpath is the safe pair of hands to launch your digital customer experience.

Having worked with every size of business including state and federal government departments, our team has the experience, talent and trusted processes to guide your business through each phase of the design and build process.

Critically, we recognise that your business strategy is at the heart of every design decision made – from the broader user journey to each and every granular interaction. Sales data, user research, digital analytics, and your own subject matter experts come together to provide the insights we need to deliver online experiences that impact your bottom line. In that way, our commercial nous sets us apart from our industry peers.

Designing the ideal digital experience
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Delivering the built solution__

Bringing your ideas to commerce is where we truly excel in our field. With a team of 200+ developers globally, we specialise in a broad array of coding disciplines to ensure the built solution integrates with your overall business ecosystem including HTML/CSS, .NET, PHP, Javascript, React, React Native, Angular, and C#/C++. In terms of platform support, we also support a wide array of CMS/DXP and CRM/ERP and Automation platforms.

But they are the table stakes.

Unlike many development houses that offer a cookie cutter or a ‘black box’ approach, we provide our customers with transparency recognising that true partnership is carved out with common goals, common understanding and clear objectives. With this in mind, we ensure your stakeholders are engaged in iterative testing procedures and robust project governance.

Our Digital Experience Program extends beyond launch, ensuring that we monitor performance of the solution towards achieving the desired business outcomes. Whether that be in the form of increased revenue, reduced operational costs, or reduced cost of customer acquisition – our partnership approach seeks to deliver both immediate and long term results.

Ongoing support and maintenance is part and parcel of our service offering.



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