Internet of Things (IoT)

Bridge the physical and digital world and access valuable data

When it comes to data capture, there’s no tool more valuable than IoT. Powered by the cloud, IoT embeds sensors in every conceivable device, and transmit valuable usage and other data to ensure premium functionality. 

There’s no doubt that IoT can transform businesses. Indeed, it’s already transforming lives, with health monitoring and early warning signs already a key function of IoT. 

Despite the vast swathes of critical data embedded in IoT, many organisations store it, instead of mining it. Here lies a critical opportunity to help your organisation grow, modernise, and identify new business opportunities. 

Newpath can partner with you to develop your IoT strategy, ensuring that you are focused on the goals that lay beyond sensors and data. More than this, we can assist with integrating data and helping you use it to identify opportunities, transform processes, and grow your business.

Internet of Things (IoT)


IoT can help replace manual processes, and skyrocket efficiencies.

It can also help to massively enhance the quality and functionality of devices.

The manual work of ensuring products and services are functioning correctly can result in huge productivity and cost losses. 

With IoT monitoring, organisations are able to proactively monitor maintenance and also predict when it may be needed.

So many elements of product and service functionality are assumed, but with IoT, this no longer needs to be the case. 

Sensor data can help confirm theoretical usage information and provide valuable insights.

When customers purchase something, they want to know that it will continue to work. 

With IoT, you can add monitoring as one of your services, greatly enhancing value.

IoT provides businesses with unparalleled opportunities to increase functionality, add services to their portfolio, and collect and mine valuable data. 

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