Resource Augmentation

Overcome your recruitment hurdles with resource augmentation__

Resource Augmentation is a flexible, cost-effective outsourcing strategy. It’s a model designed to hire tech talent from a third party on a contractual basis to help complete a larger scale project that requires additional resources.

Resource Augmentation provides the right resources at the right time, as these new team members will already be fully trained in their field and ready for immediate work with start-ups, mid-tier, and large enterprises and meeting all your project objectives.

The internal staff and the augmented resources work together for the entire duration of the project, collaborating and sharing allocated tasks between each other to make sure that your project is completed with the utmost efficiency and quality.

Newpath offers resource augmentation across the following creative & technical disciplines:

Augmentation is offered on 1/2 of full month basis with flexibility on length of service.

Resource Augmentation


You’re not the employer of these resources, we are. This means that we are the ones who oversee the management of performance, objectives and learning for our team, so all you’ll need to do is manage their workload. We are the ones who pay their wages and make sure they are doing their work properly, all you need to worry about is assigning them a project.

For IT organizations or start-ups, resource augmentation brings flexibility as you are able to add additional resources in just a matter of days if the workforce needed for a project turns out to be a lot larger than expected. It’s a great way to increase your workforce without needing to worry about what to do with the extra team members when business as usual resumes. They can be scaled up or down whenever you need.

In all likelihood, the largest benefit of seeking resource augmentation, is the amount that you will save because these resourced teams are able to work completely remote. You avoid the need to pay employee benefits and applicable taxes because these are all handed by the resourcing company. It also means you won’t need to spend more funds on extra desks or equipment if you don’t have enough in your office because the team can work either from their own homes, or from the office of the resourcing company.

For a business to be successful, it will need a steady supply of new ways to innovate and improve on its ideas. A great way to maintain this steady flow is through resource management as it encourages your business to interact with a varied group of professionals who can provide a new perspective.

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