Cloud services and DevOps

Cloud computing and DevOps are essential ingredients in any effective digital transformation__

When it comes to digital transformation, there are two game changers for every business, and they are: Cloud computing and DevOps. 

Cloud computing, whether it be through services, storage systems, databases, networking, intelligence, analytics, or software, has the ability to offer your business flexibility, faster innovation, and vast economies of scale. Our team is able to effectively transform legacy systems into state-of-the-art cloud services. 

Development of this nature goes hand-in-hand with DevOps. DevOps, or practices which shorten the systems development life cycle through continuous, high-quality delivery, has the ability to transform any cloud (or other) software or IT-related developments. 

The team at Newpath adopts the below methodology with any DevOps projects we undertake: 

  • We approach DevOps with the primarily goal of optimizing the flow of value from the idea to end user 
  • We facilitate cultural change to help your organization change focus 
  • We assist with the ultimate delivery of more efficient and effective value

We also approach any DevOps project with a lifecycle that combines different phases of continuous development, integrating an agile approach

Every project, be it DevOps or cloud, includes integration, testing, deployment and monitoring to ensure quality iterative development throughout.

Cloud services and DevOps


Systems on the cloud benefit from ultimate flexibility.

This includes flexibility to access services and systems anytime, as well as to rapidly change and manage user permissions and add or change features at any time.

Data breaches are one of the major concerns of every organization, but fortunately, cloud services are often more secure than most. 

Cloud services offer advanced features that guarantee security, including granular permissions and restricted access.

Cloud storage providers also implement baseline security protections for all platforms.

Trust and collaboration are the foundation of all teams, and DevOps can help build this. 

DevOps creates systems thinking in teams that allows them to understand the consequences of their actions, as well as various dependencies.

In an environment where speed to market is critical, DevOps can help teams continuously release faster and higher quality products. 

DevOps also helps teams reduce unnecessary processes and roadblocks.

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