Discover, digest, convert: create powerful user experiences__

How your customers experience your website is how they experience your brand, so an exceptional user experience – and, by extension, exceptional user interfaces – are key to your business’s success and we can help you tailor your website or application to your business and format it in a way that suits what you offer, while also following the core principles of design.

The job of your UX and UI is to make it as simple as possible to get from point A to point B. If there’s any confusion along the way, such as the user getting lost in the app or unable to return to previous pages, that is going to be a less than ideal experience for your customers. The last thing you want is a situation where a client is interested in your business and what you have to offer but is unable to find the page where they can make a purchase or send a request. 

Through research, data, and an intimate knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, the Newpath team will work with you to answer all of these questions, and then technically and functionally address them to ensure that all user experiences are seamless and memorable. This way, you can guarantee that every client comes away with a positive experience and a confident impression of your business.


An experience tailored to your business__

An exceptional user experience is so much more than how your product looks and how it works. When designing the best possible user experience, we ask questions such as:

  • Who is my audience? How do they behave, what do they need and value, and what motivates them? 
  • What does success look like? What is important to my organisation and my customers, and how should we measure success? 
  • What should a best-practice experience look like? What engagement, interactions, and touch points are necessary to create this? 
  • What should the interface look like, and what visual and interactive features would work best? 
  • What features should be prioritised and what delivers the most value? What will customers benefit most from? 
  • How can the organisation deliver on its promises? What internal processes need to be put in place and what relationships need to be created to ensure the ultimate experience is delivered?

Acquiring new customers and keeping them__

Acquisition costs are an expensive line item for any organisation, and best-practice user interfaces and website UX always decreases these costs. A strong UX can enhance your competitive advantage and ensure that your digital product is intuitive and has the right features for your audience.

An intuitive and easier navigable UX and a great UI enhances your brand and your organisation as it helps you build strong relationships with your customers. Importantly, it also helps you to maximise revenue from them at every touchpoint, for the easier it is to navigate your website or app, the easier it will be for them to make purchases or request services.

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Streamlining for both you and the customer__

A well-designed digital product or service is one that just simply works. Carefully considered UX and UI reduces development time as it’s less likely to crash, have bugs, or suffer from a quickly outdated design. Best-practice UX also reduces development costs as it reduces your website’s bounce rate.

Organisations need a cohesive interface that helps present and market their services. That interface needs to be simple, but effective, and it needs to inspire and motivate. Effective UI and UX can streamline customer experiences in a way that facilitates engagement, and helps your entire team execute more productively and effectively.



An exceptional and seamless user experience, paired with great user interfaces, are an integral part of any successful business. If you have any need for UX or UI design and aren’t sure what to do next. Don’t hesitate to partner with us to create user experiences that engage and delight, and that deliver optimal conversion rates for your organisation.

If you have any questions about how our UI and UX services can help both you and your business, take a look at the following FAQ and see what we can offer you.

User Experience design focuses around creating the map of your web page or application, designing the path that your customers follow through the page and how they find all of your content.

User Interface refers to the ‘front end’ of the webpage or application, meaning, everything that the client sees. It is about making the page aesthetically pleasing and cohesive. This is where the focus is put on representing your brand identity.

It makes interacting with your business online a satisfying experience for the customer. An easy to understand online presence is essential for customer retention and acquisition. Your business will seem infinitely more professional if you have an engaging and comprehensible User Experience.

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  • Mobile app design
  • Marketing website
  • Web app designs
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