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Team retention is all about the right mix of ingredients across great career opportunities & job specific challenges, teamwork, mentorship & coaching, formal training, a sense of belonging, a solid dose of fun along the way and a company that cherishes its team while being focused on delivering outstanding outcomes for its clients.

Newpath also has a strong conscience, not only working on a range of pro-bono charitable based work but also running regular full day events at charitable organisations where our team roll their sleeves up and get involved to help make a difference.

Key attributes of our wonderful team

  1. Curious and eager to learn: you are a curious individual who is eager to develop their skills and progress your career at every opportunity
  2. Team player: you thrive as a part of high performing teams and love sharing your knowledge with your peers and clients. We win together
  3. Proactive: you seize opportunities when you see them
  4. Passionate: you are excited by digital, tech and new concepts
What is it like to be a Newpathian?

Having the right people with the right attitude is part of our success. Living our values is an important part of our tribe__

We have a culture around continuous (but super respectful) feedback and recognition – be part of a super tight and exceptionally supportive large team that is working towards a common goal and helping each other every step of the way.

We have monthly performance awards, a range of staff incentives, team building events, a corporate social responsibility program and multiple team lunches, dinners and parties.

We’ll have your back when you need help – your colleagues want to see you succeed and will work hard to help you do so.

We work hard and deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients – when you experience how we do it, you’ll be proud to be a Newpathian.

where you might fit

Varied skills and experience__

We have roles across the following disciplines:

→ UX/UI Design

→ Business Analysis

→ Service Delivery

→ Project Management

→ Marketing

→ Copywriting

→ SEO/AdWords/Social

→ Development

→ DevOps

→ Quality Control

→ Finance

→ Administration


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