Analytics and reporting

We’ll help you set up, understand and succeed with premium analytics and reporting

So many elements of digital marketing set it aside from traditional marketing but one element does that more so than anything else, and that is: analytics and reporting. 

Without it, you’re guessing. With it – when it is set up and integrated properly – you’re making precise, data-informed decisions that return optimal ROI. 

Analytics and reporting can help you identify which levers to pull, what to change, and ultimately, how to make your marketing dollar work harder for you at every turn. 

Understanding what analytics mean, what to set up, how to monitor them, and what reports to produce that make the most impact, is also a critical skill for modern marketing teams, but unfortunately one that many marketing teams lack. Given the fast evolution of digital technology, marketing teams often find it difficult to ascertain what metrics really matter and what certain metrics really mean. 

Yet knowing what metrics matter and what to do with them can be a key competitive advantage for your business. The Newpath team can help you set up, understand, and ultimately succeed with all elements of analytics and reporting. 

We’ll partner with you to: 

  • Understand your business and what metrics will be most impactful to your bottom line 
  • Set up best-practice analytics and reporting using the most up-to-date systems 
  • Assist you to regularly access and analyse the analytics and reports which make most sense for your business
  • Help you to track and improve performance for each key metric
  • Help you to understand how to use analytics and reporting to ultimately get the best ROI on your marketing spend. 

When it comes to web analytics, there is simply so much to know: from understanding bounce rates, to analysing time on site, pages-per-session, landing page visitations, user flow, and so much more. 

Analytics and reporting can help you understand the full picture of your customer’s behaviour, and working with Newpath, we can support you and your marketing team to easily access the data and information you need to succeed.

Analytics and reporting


Data is only as good as the strategic decisions it can be used to inform. 

Best-practice analytics and reporting can help you achieve a bird’s eye view of your marketing spend, enabling you to see what is happening at every stage of your customer’s journey with you.

Few businesses only have one type of customer: it’s likely that there are many personas in your customer set. 

Analytics can help you deep dive into what is happening with every persona type and as a result, help you optimise each and every customer’s experience.

In order to obtain the marketing budget your organisation wants and needs, there may be stakeholders who need convincing. 

Optimal analytics and reporting can help show them exactly what is being achieved for every marketing dollar, and how this can be optimised for better ROI. 

Reporting can represent the ultimate business case.

Analytics and reporting ultimately enables you to analyse – in depth – your performance from the very first interaction a customer has with you, to the very last. 

Armed with this information, it’s possible to continuously optimise your performance, and ultimately, your ROI.

Data can be your most powerful marketing tool, yet it can prove meaningless with proper analysis and impactful reports. 

Partner with Newpath set up, understand and ultimately succeed with analytics and reporting.

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