We put innovation and rapid iteration at the heart of your development and transformation__

At Newpath, agile is not just theory: it’s simply how we do things. 

When taking on any new project, we always opt for an interactive approach that helps to deliver value to your organisation and your customers faster and more effectively, without betting on the ‘big bang’ launch. 

Simply put, agile allows us to partner with you to master continuous change. 

Our talented team works with you to deliver development in small increments, and requirements, plans, and results are continuously evaluated, so as they can rapidly change if required. 

The following agile principles underpin everything we do: 

  • We prioritise individuals and interactions over complex processes and unnecessary tools 
  • We create working software and prototypes, as opposed to developing comprehensive documentation 
  • We put the customer at the centre of everything we do 
  • We rapidly respond to change, as opposed to being locked into rigid plans. 

When it comes to developing just about anything, time is always money, and fundamentally, this is where the benefit of agile lies. Typically, adopting an agile approach can reduce development time by up to 50%, meaning that you will have either a solid prototype or functional product in front of customers in half the time it may have taken if you adopted another approach. 

As agile experts, our team will guide you through the agile process, ensuring that you – and crucially, your customers – feel comfortable and confident in the end result throughout the entire journey.



When it comes to developing a product, customers and stakeholders want to be informed but more so, they want to be involved. 

Under an agile approach, customer and stakeholder feedback is constantly incorporated into development cycles, meaning that your organisation is able to cultivate positive relationships with the people that matter most.

Throughout an agile development lifecycle, our team regularly assesses progress using sprints. 

Doing so means that they have better visibility into the project, and can identify obstacles – and risks – quickly. 

By doing so, you are able to reduce risks across the entire project, from budgetary risks, to the risk that the experience is not what your customer desire.

Unlike traditional software development, adopting an agile approach delivers flexibility,  as our development teams are able to respond to change without it being disruptive.

Agile sprints also ensure that resources can be allocated in the most predictable way, simplifying the estimation process for you.

Constant iteration, and therefore, consistent improvement, means that the product that we develop in partnership with you will always meet, if not exceed, quality standards. 

Agile is the only methodology that supports superior product development.

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