Retarget prospects and quickly convert them into customers

Are you worried about the costs and challenges of converting cold customers? Retargeting drastically reduces this challenge by showing your ads to prospects who have already shown interest in your brand – and are most likely to want to buy from you. 

Fundamentally, retargeting creates touch points to remind prospects about what it was they liked on your website. It helps to keep you top of mind to those customers, as it shows your ad to them as they browse on social media, read the news, or research your competitions. 

Retargetng goes some way to solve the huge problem of abandon carts – an issue that causes online stores to lose a staggering $18 billion dollars in revenue every year.  

Retargeting is far more than simply showing an interested audience the same ad, though, 

Retargeting enables your business to show  the most effective ad to different audience segments, based on what they showed interest in (or what worked for a lookalike audience before). 

Retargeting works through the use of cookies, but the technology that powers it is changing constantly. We’ll partner with you to implement the latest technology, and ensure that your pixel and list-based retargeting delivers optimal ROI for each and every customer segment.



If prospects have visited your website before, there’s every chance that they could soon become a customer. 

Reach your most interested prospects at the right time and in the right place.

At the first touchpoint with your brand, or even at the second or third, potential customers are unlikely to be able to recall you.

Retargeting can help increase brand awareness for future interactions by ensuring that you appear in your customer’s favourite corners of the web.

Targeting cold prospects can be expensive and time-consuming, and may not always deliver the results you need and want.

Retargeting helps your marketing dollar go further as it helps you target previously cold customers.

Retargeting can substantially increase conversions, as customers become more aware of, and interested in, your products and services. 

They are also less likely to forget you.

Retargeting is an essential step for any organisation who wants a competitive edge when it comes to converting prospects to customers.

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