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Our 5 day innovation sprint is where ideas meet outcomes__

To thrive in a competitive landscape, boards and management teams must look forward in order to inform strategic direction.

At Newpath, it is our job to understand market trends, emerging technologies, and business models to help you make informed decisions on business growth and operations through a digital lens. Our mission is to partner with visionary business, like yours, to identify opportunities, understand audiences such as customers or users, build prototypes and create digital roadmaps that meet (or exceed) the demands of the market.

In a world where “digital innovations” may be seen as high-risk and expensive, our proven approach seeks to introduce a cost-effective model to deliver high value digital innovations. As we like to say, the best innovations not only deliver profit, but aim to reduce operational costs. The combination of the two is the sweet spot for high value innovations that will transform your business and potentially transform your industry.

about the 5-day innovation sprint

Innovation need not be a marathon__

Working in conjunction with our solution architects and user experience designers, and taking into consideration the unique needs of your stakeholders and audience, our team may rapidly produce interactive digital prototypes, commercial models, business cases, development proposals, and much more.

What’s included in the 5 day innovation sprint?

In our 5 day innovation sprints, we typically do the following:

  • Perform discovery, including understanding key data points and challenges
  • Facilitate Design Thinking workshops
  • Generate action-oriented innovation mission, vision and values statements
  • Create output KPIs
  • Produce an actionable digital product plan often including design concepts or semi-functional prototypes
  • Produce a business case including costs and a value assessment

A short program that is typically conducted over 3 – 4 weeks, you will receive the above as deliverables enabling you to confidently make the best decision towards building your innovative future.

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