Amazon Web Services

Cloud adoption via AWS can provide you with transformative opportunities

As with any engagement, when it comes to your transformation with AWS, we’ll bring a holistic approach that involves understanding your compliance framework, governance issues, data environment, cyber risk, and much more. 

After we’ve done that, we’ll be able to comprehensively guide your migration to the cloud, using any (or all) of AWS’s infrastructure, which includes: 

And much more. We’ll leverage the information you provide us to ensure that any cloud app modernisation or development results in the most innovative technology solutions. These solutions may include anything from migrating legacy apps to launching new ones, or scaling and enhancing infrastructure where necessary.

With AWS, Newpath can assist with the following services: 

  • Cloud migration: We can help accelerate your cloud migration. Our technology team works with AWS to design cloud infrastructure.  
  • AWS Cloud analytics: We can help you leverage the broad range of data analytics capabilities within AWS, each of which can help you deploy scalable and cost-effective data solutions. 
  • Cyber risk management: Our experienced technology team can help utilise AWS to help your organisation effectively manage cyber risk.
Amazon Web Services


AWS is specifically designed to enable application providers, ISVs, and vendors to securely host applications (both existing applications for new SaaS based ones).

AWS’s well-documented APIs can help you access any number of AWS applications within their hosting platform.

Numerous AWS tools, including auto scaling and elastic load balancing, can help your organisation scale load based on demand.

Backed by Amazon’s huge infrastructure, your organisation will have ample access to storage resources.

As one of the world’s most scalable and secure global infrastructure, AWS delivers a truly reliable and secure service that your organisation can count on.

With AWS, you only pay for the power, storage and other resources that you use.

AWS also offers the option of no long-term contracts or up-front commitments, meaning that you have flexible and cost-effective hosting.

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