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Navigate digital transformation with certainty and clarity__

Global consulting firms commonly report only a 30% success rate for digital transformations. Poor data, resistance to change, unsound technical decisions, vendors pushing their own agendas, distrust in partner providers are often cited as factors in failed projects.

Newpath prides itself on seeking the best outcomes for clients as the #1 priority for a successful partnership. We are technology agnostic, well-researched technologists, ultimately aiming to deliver horizontal impact across your business functions – from marketing to finance.

about the digital transformation program

Partners for successful transformation__

The road towards successful digital transformation requires structured, effective discovery aiming to produce an actionable plan for transformation.

Newpath’s Digital Transformation Program offers a proven solution to planning for small or large transformation projects. Similarly, our execution, change management, and continuous improvement strategies seek to deliver value early and often throughout the engagement. Importantly, we work as an integrated partner to achieve mutually agreed goals.

Starting with discovery (often conducted as a discrete 1 – 3 month engagement), our transformation consultants will work with your executive teams to understand the business’s vision and objectives from both a commercial and technology perspective. Through facilitated workshops leveraging our well-established frameworks, we seek to get the best out of teams to set the scene for a transformational shift in your organisation.

Once an agreed technology roadmap is established we seek to prioritise projects within the program of work that will assure continuous delivery of value to the business. This ensures your enterprise does not stagnate during the program – instead, the transformational shift occurs steadily allowing teams and departments to grow and adapt to the technology solutions and streamlined processes.

Our transformation programs are typically conducted over 12 – 36 months.

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