Save time and money by accessing software on demand__

Software as a service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet as a service. It removes the need for installing and maintaining software as you are instead able to access the most up to date version of it via the Internet.

SaaS applications are sometimes also called Web-based software or hosted software, but regardless of the name, SaaS applications are designed to run on the servers hosted by the Saas provider. This means they manage the access to the application, including security, availability, and performance. At Newpath, we can manage the process of getting your business set up with SaaS and give you access to applications from across the web.



With SaaS, it is very easy to customize applications to fit with the needs and processes of your business without affecting the common infrastructure. Because of the way SaaS works, each company is able to make unique customisations that stay preserved even though upgrades, meaning there is no fear of losing the changes you have made when running updates.

Because SaaS allows your application to be available online, you can Just connect to the internet and work from wherever you need to be via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile or other networked device. It gives your company greater flexibility.

Because SaaS is accessed entirely online, providers are able to offer timely improvements to meet feedback requests from customers and to make sure that all their applications are running optimally. Because the updates are handled directly by the providers, this frees up your IT department for other more important tasks.

Because the service is shared, all users can benefit from the security level that’s been set up for those with the highest need. This means that accessing applications through SaaS is highly safe and secure.

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