Microsoft Azure

Partner with Newpath to realise the full benefits of Microsoft Azure

As a world-renowned leader in both private and public cloud, Microsoft Azure provides a multitude of important services. 

As an open cloud, Microsoft Azure gives organisations access to over 200 preconfigured services, plus the option to use other technologies. 

Azure provides a swathe of benefits, including access to technologies such as machine learning, analytics, AI, DevOps, internet of things, and security. They also provide a fully-integrated set of PaaS and IaaS, among other things. 

The Newpath team has extensive experience in Microsoft Azure, and can help you exploit Azure’s potential to achieve the below for you: 

  • Azure synapse: Microsoft Azure Synapses makes data accessible. It offers a rich analytics experience by connecting data lakes with data warehouses. Synapses enables you to answer questions of your data, faster. 
  • Azure databricks: Azure Databricks helps organisation scale AI and access complex and disparate data. 
  • Azure AI and machine learning: Azure AI and machine learning provides advanced analytics and enables data scientists to develop and deploy models at scale. 
  • Azure SQL: Azure SQL’s database is a relational cloud database that enables organisations to accelerate development and migrate SQL servers. 
  • Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search: Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search is a powerful search index that helps businesses navigate websites and apps. 
  • Azure Security: Azure Security helps businesses protect apps, infrastructure and data, at scale. 
  • Azure Stack Services: Microsoft Azure Stack Services provide a hybrid cloud experience that increases flexibility and efficiency.
Microsoft Azure


As experts in Microsoft Azure, we share Microsoft’s cloud-first vision.

Our breadth of services includes, but isn’t limited to, the ability to create, integrate, secure and manage solutions based on Microsoft’s cloud.

We’ve helped many clients modernise their applications, as well as implement a host of different cloud solutions.

We can partner with you to ensure you have the most up-to-date Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

As expats in cloud-driven analytics, we can provide a swathe of data and analytics solutions, including the ability to integrate data and analytics into existing business processes.

As Microsoft Certified Professionals, our expert team are qualified in all aspects of Microsoft Azure, and have had experience working with numerous different clients, across a multitude of industries.

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