AI Chat

AI chatbots can seamlessly assist your customers and help improve your overall user experience

Is answering the same customer queries again and again frustrating your support team? Do you feel as if your support team adds little value? 

Fortunately, there’s a solution to all of these frustrations. Enter: The AI chat. 

In their most basic form, chatbots are software programs that interact with customers online via messaging apps. At Newpath, we can either help you develop a custom app, or we can assist you with installing and setting up best-practice processes and responses in an app that already exists. 

Chatbots can partially or entirely replace your support team, and function differently depending on whether you utilise a preexisting one, or build your own. Many chatbots are rule-based, meaning that if your customer asks a question that isn’t in the template, the question goes unanswered. 

AI chatbots are different, though. They can more flexibly detect what a customer may be asking, and as a result, they can provide a more comprehensive answer, or they can direct the customer to the right section of your FAQs. 

Simply put, AI chatbots, through automation, can answer a significant percentage of your customer’s questions, and also have the ability to direct queries to you that they can’t answer. 

AI chatbots provide a premium and comprehensive support service that is able to help customers 24/7, and free up your team to provide services that add value. 

Newpath can partner with you to create an AI chat that is customised to every single one of your requirements.

AI Chat


One of the reasons that online conversions aren’t as high as in-store ones is that customers online don’t feel as if they have a personal connection with the brand.

Chatbots can help change that. AI chat can give your brand a face and enable important interaction with your customers. 

From a customer’s perspective, waiting hours or days for answers to important questions that may hinder conversion can be extremely frustrating. 

An AI chat enables your organisation to answer customer questions around the clock, and any day of the week – without the hindrance of waiting for someone to answer them.

When your customers have a question, they want it answered immediately. Not doing so can harm conversion. 

Yet doing so can increase it. Research shows that the inclusion of an AI chatbot on your website can increase sales by as much as 67%.

What frustrates your customers? What questions aren’t answered from your content? 

An AI chatbot can help capture important data about customer behaviour that can help you improve your overall customer experience.

Help answer every customer question immediately with the help of an AI chatbot. 

Partner with Newpath to create customised AI chatbots that deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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