Intranet solutions

Enable your employees to access a wealth of information easily and seamlessly

With internet technology advancing rapidly, intranets continue to be the most relevant and secure solution to store essential information and facilitate a connection with employees.

Intranets, especially in an era where more and more employees are working remote, continue to be vital communication tools. 

Newpath’s expert team have created intranet systems that satisfy all organisational requirements in a fast-changing world. When designing intranets, we take the following approach: 

  • Enable universal access: A downside of most intranets is that they can’t be accessed remotely. Our team build in this capability. 
  • Mobile friendly: With the proliferation of smartphones many employees log onto an intranet via their phone. Our solutions are specifically designed for this. 
  • Functionality that enables engaging and relevant content: Engaging content is key for a successful intranet, and we build this capability into every intranet. 
  • User-friendly design and key metrics: Intranets need to incorporate best-practice user experiences, as well as enable the reporting functionality you need.
Intranet solutions


Relying on external providers for document storage can be risky in terms of data privacy. 

An effective internet enables you to store and manage key files, including assigning access permissions.

ERPs are one of the most effective ways to enable employees to connect with each other and understand each other’s role. 

ERPs enable employees to discover new colleagues and connect with them.

In an era where your workforce is most likely to be dispersed, an effective intranet can help you centralise information and messaging, and provide cohesive instructions and information around the clock.

An effective intranet can help your organisation streamline messaging that may otherwise be lost within emails or not seen.

In an era where your organisation’s workforce is likely to be more dispersed than ever before, an ERP can help you securely store data, manage information and permissions, and help create essential connections between your employees.

Newpath’s expert team can partner with you to create a tailored intranet solution.

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