Kentico Xperience EMS

Kentico’s state-of-the-art digital experience platform combines the very best of eCommerce, a CMS and digital marketing__

As one of the premier DXPs that is currently available, Kentico’s Xperience EMS provides your organisation with the ability to build next-generation websites, and to combine it with premium content management. As a leading Kentico development agency, Newpath leverages the power of Xperience EMS to ensure your digital goals are met with speed and confidence in the product you are working with. Enjoy a modern, innovative, and flexible platform that comes packaged with powerful integrations, and security measures that will keep your business protected.

Technology is always on the move, and Xperience is working hard to follow it. Making sure that they are always using the most modern technologies to make your life easier. Web development companies love working with Kentico and their completely customisable DXP platform, because it gives them the chance to make it their own while also knowing it will meet even the most challenging requirements. Put simply, Kentico’s EMS helps to accelerate growth through providing a mature and multifaceted DXP.

Kentico CMS
Kentico Xperience EMS

Advantages to Kentico CMS__

It’s an incredibly flexible architecture designed to give individuals and businesses freedom to keep their solution growing and changing with time to make sure it always meets their ever changing needs without having to invest in costly projects to replatform or even a need to deactivate their website for long periods while updates go through.

Have a look below at some of the other great benefits to partnering with Kentico CMS:

  • The ability to create custom digital experiences: Kentico enables marketers to execute campaigns at speed, without the need for code. Out-of-box capabilities are also possible in Kentico’s headless-ready platform. 
  • Options for content modelling: Kentico’s easy-to-use features help drive revenue, boost engagement and improve user experience, all of which enables powerful content modelling. 
  • Options to increase digital marketing ROI: Personalisation, automation, and state-of-the-art email marketing are just some of many features that Kentico offers in order to help your organisation connect with customers, all through highly relevant content that will boost your digital marketing ROI.
Kentico Xperience EMS

Work with a gold partner__

As a Kentico Gold Partner, our team has an in-depth expertise of all elements of the Kentico platform, and have worked across its many iterations over the last decade. With Gold Partner being the highest attainable status, our experience with Kentico is second to none, and we have partnered with clients of all sizes, including, but not limited to, large multinationals and government agencies.

With integration being a pain point for most organisations, Kentico can offer a seamless all-in-one solution that combines sophisticated marketing with an impressive eCommerce platform and content management. Kentico’s platform enables your marketing team to follow campaigns from the beginning to final reporting

Kentico Development Services
Kentico Xperience EMS

Make complex, simple__

Kentico’s EMS provides a powerful array of features; many of which organisations simply cannot access with expert-level knowledge. Our expert kentico developers in Melbourne can help you create personalised solutions, gelocated experiences, nurture campaigns, lead scoring functionality, and more more.

While Kentico’s platform covers a huge breadth of requirements, it’s likely that integrations will still be required. Our Kentico certified developer can help fix complex integrations and ensure that Kentico works seamlessly with all of your other systems.

Elevate your digital presence with Newpath’s class-leading Kentico development services, delivering customised solutions to help businesses gain a competitive edge.

Kentico Xperience EMS

Kentico Xperience FAQs__

At Newpath, we are ready to provide all of the assistance you might need with choosing the right DXP solution for your business, along with our expert development team being at hand to help with the process of getting it up and running.
Should you have any questions about Kentico Xperience, take a look at the FAQ below and don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

A DXP gives organisations tools to gather comprehensive data that is obtained from multiple channels and then used to learn more about customer browsing and buying habits. The information learned can then be incorporated in future creation management and delivery of content. a DXP is designed to connect all of these digital touchpoints into a smaller, more informed ecosystem for marketers to manage. This can include websites, apps, social platforms and more.

The most obvious difference between Contact groups and Personas in Kentico is that a website visitor is only able to be linked to one Persona, where it is possible for them to be in multiple Contact Groups. So if you want to segment your audience into categories that may overlap, for example, it would be more beneficial to use Contact Groups.

No. If you have multiple websites, even if they exist under the one Kentico instance, they do not share cookies. So if a customer visits one of your websites, they will not automatically be recognised as a contact on the other one. It would only recognise them as the same contact if the customer provides the same email address on both sites.

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