Improve how you interact with your customers via industry-leading CRMs (customer relationship management tools)

Every organisation understands that a CRM is critical for tracking communications and nurturing relationships with leads and customers. 

Simply put, CRMs help you organise, manage, and ultimately optimise and streamline your customer relationships by centralising everything you need to know (and every interaction you have) with your customers. 

CRMs also have the added benefit of allowing various teams to access exactly what they need to know about customers, without having to wade through complex and irrelevant data. 

As beneficial as CRMs are, oftentimes businesses are only using a fraction of their functionality – and are missing out on critical revenue opportunities as a result. 

As experts in the CRM space, the Newpath team can assist your organisation to set up, manage, and critically, make the most out of your CRM. 

We have strategically partnered with clients to use their CRM in the following ways: 

  • To create personalised user experience journeys that send the right messages at the right time to leads and customers 
  • To focus sales teams on leads that are most likely to convert 
  • To substantially shorten and simplify the sales cycle 
  • To continually monitor, analyse and improve business performance, and ultimately, revenue.


When utilised properly, CRMs provide your organisation, and your sales and marketing team, with full visibility over your sales funnels, including information on where customers may be dropping off. 

CRMs ensure that all data is documented and accessible, and that it can be used for strategic marketing decisions in the future.

Time spent on a lead that isn’t going to convert is time wasted.

A well set up CRM can help your sales and marketing team clearly prioritise which leads are most likely to convert, as well as to prioritise outreach to customers whose contracts may be expiring.

Centralised data in a CRM provides powerful insights into customer behaviour, and can help your organisation understand what the most valuable opportunities are to increase revenue. 

CRMs provide in-depth insights into your ideal customers, your acquisition costs, and also important statistics such as lifetime value of the customer.

CRM technology has developed rapidly, and the depth of personalisation is now extremely impressive. 

CRMs, via APIs, can easily integrate with sales and marketing automation tools to ensure the best possible experience for your customers.

CRMs provide a wealth of data and personalisation opportunities, and should be the ultimate source of information and efficiencies for your sales and marketing team. 

The Newpath team can help you set up and manage your CRM in order to provide the most profitable outcomes for your organisation.

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