Business intelligence

Achieve better ROI through data-driven marketing and business strategies

Is all data good data? Absolutely not. Often, organisations can find themselves drowning in a sea of data without meaning. 

But business intelligence can change that. Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process that filters essential information from an enormous amount of internal and external data. 

Through reporting and data visualisation, insights gleaned from business intelligence processes can help enable better decision-making and overall, a better ROI on your marketing spend

Our four step end-to-end business intelligence solution begins with data collection. Here, we decide on what metrics and analytics correlate with your business goals, and then ensure we can collect the right data, in the right format. 

Data engineering is the next step. Here, we clean and reaggregate data using best-in class tool such as Google Cloud Dataprep. Using a Google data warehouse ensures that we’re able to mine your data against custom assets, which in turn enables us to see how we’re tracking against KPIs. 

In the third step, data visualisation, we present your data in a way that ensures all stakeholders can understand performance, and more importantly, the ‘why’ behind that performance.

All of this information then informs your overall digital strategy. Simply put, business intelligence helps take the guesswork out of marketing, and instead creates a pathway to guaranteed results.

Business intelligence


Business intelligence enables us to analyse the pain points of your audience and understand in detail their interaction patterns and purchasing habits. 

Armed with this detail, we can then target marketing to the right person, with the right promotion, at the right time.

Business intelligence ensures we understand and can impact every element of your performance. 

Using sophisticated performance tracking techniques, we use real-time data to optimise spend and targeting at every turn.

Are your marketing team spending too much time on routine, detail-oriented tasks, all the while missing the big picture? 

Business intelligence, and in particular, data processing and reporting automation enables us to show you and your stakeholders the big picture with ease. 

Using powerful tools, we turn data into valuable insights that inform strategy.

Regardless of your product or service, what sets your business apart nowadays is your customer experience. It’s critical to understand the behaviour of your customers, as well as their needs and wants. 

Business intelligence helps us to divide your customers into segments,and ensure we attract the right type of prospects into your marketing funnel by providing seamless digital experiences.

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