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The brief__

Loscam Live is an innovative portal integrated into Loscam’s customer portal that facilitates tracking and management of Loscam’s asset pool. Enhancing the customer experience, Track and Trace provides an opportunity to connect Loscam returnable packaging equipment or Customer owned assets through the IoT 0G network across Australia and New Zealand.


The process__

Commencing our relationship 12+ years ago, Loscam approached Newpath with a vision for tracking high value assets across Asia Pacific using IoT technology. Initially, we developed the solution within an Innovation Sprint program engaging the customer’s IT and Sales department stakeholders to produce a prototype. Fast forward one year, and Loscam Live was launched, leap-frogging competitor technology by years.


Discovery phase__

As a precursor to a larger Digital Transformation (currently ongoing), Loscam saw an opportunity to deliver valuable insights to their customer base for the movement of sensitive inventory. Think of refrigerated bloods or high value tech needing to be transported from one city to another. This cargo must be temperature controlled, protected from theft, untampered and stowed upright during transit. The solution would provide customers with a web interface to track their pelleted cargo using 0G devices that ping accelerometer, temperature, geolocation, and lid trip data to the 0G network and into our Azure IoT servers.

Our job was to design and build the necessary technologies to present this data in a meaningful and actionable format to their large clients across the Asia Pacific region.


Design + develop__

Our process started with a design prototype so as to validate the design concept with Loscam stakeholder and customers alike. We then proceeded to design the data schemas and integrated technologies before folding this understanding back into designed data models that would become the key interfaces for tracking assets’ integrity and location in transit.

To add complexity, the platform integrated with their custom ERP and existing customer web portal. Close collaboration with Loscam’s internal IT teams were crucial throughout the agile project delivery.

Development was undertaken by our team of .NET and React developers in 2020 to build the finished solution inside 12 months.

The Track & Trace solution include:

  • Real Time and Historical Tracking
  • Mitigate and reduce the risk of equipment loss by being able to geographically locate equipment
  • Ensure transparent delivery status and conditions of goods
  • Ability to easily identify the location of the asset inside or outside your supply chain
  • Optimise asset utilisation by identifying bottlenecks in supply chain
  • Improve efficiencies with asset management
  • Reduce administrative time

The developed solution uses cutting-edge Microsoft IoT and database services housed in the client’s Azure environment. React.js efficiently serves the highly dynamic front-end UI.


The results__

Newpath launched the Loscam Track & Trace solution to their customer base in 2021 to wide acclaim from their premier customers including some of world’s largest FMCG brands.

In 2022, we continue the Digital Transformation journey as we build complex integrated ERP solutions for their largest customer partners. A true client/service provider partnership, our relationship continues to burn bright as we deliver high value technologies to this growing business set for enormous change in the coming decade.

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