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The brief__

Ready2Sign is a product from iPinnacle, focused on eContracts for the Real Estate sales & rental markets.

The custom developed software tool allows companies to create template documents with the ability to request a digital signature.


The process__

iPinnacle selected Newpath Web following a comprehensive market scan for agencies capable of not only custom software development pedigree, but also with strong UX & UI design credentials.

Once notified of our successful pitch, Newpath identified and confirmed the project team for Ready2Sign, with the first stage in the process being thorough business analysis and discovery to identify a comprehensive set of system requirements documents, followed by our digital design studio, working to collaboratively solve a range of design questions that have been determined by key project stakeholders. The structured hands-on workshop is adapted from Design Thinking methodologies such as IDEO’s Human Centred Design program.


Discovery phase__

With a semi-interactive prototype now available, it was time for our UX & UI teams to get to work, while our development team began considering technical questions and architecture. (InVision wireframes with navigational interactions)

Key functions of the software application include document  template creation, role definition & creation, field state management, email management, digital signing, approval/new request loop, document (PDF) generation.


Design + develop__

The application is built using the following technology:


– ASP.NET Identity

– HangFire for job scheduling

– Bootstrap

– AngularJS

– Froala

– Konva

– Datatables

– Webpack 4

There’s also Stripe for payments, Twilio for SMS 2 factor authentication, and PropertyMe to integrate Ready2sign accounts with PropertyMe accounts, allowing retrieval of property data (using Oauth).


The results__

After a couple of previous false starts, the team at iPinnacle were motivated to partner with an agency that understood their vision, and had the right creative & technical skills to bring the project to life. Adam from iPinnacle worked closely with the project team at Newpath, playing an active role in each phase of the project, offering expert guidance in terms of what he wanted his new software application to achieve and was a constant source of innovation and ideas. Everyone is excited about the new application and what it means for the property industry. There’s a swag of updates and feature enhancements already being discussed.

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