iOS development

Take advantage of iOS’s huge customer database to build applications that will impress__

Right now, people spend a third of their waking time on mobile phone applications. There’s no doubt that there is unparalleled demand for custom-built iOS applications, and that they can provide both a short and long term revenue boost. There is, however, currently significant competition from other apps. At last count, there were over 2,000,000 iOS applications alone.

In order to stand out amongst the crowd, we at Newpath will focus on making your app a state of the art, yet entirely individual application that will be able to capture the attention of anyone looking for what your business offers. Your own personal brand will shine through in the application and be completely different from anything else on the market, it will be your own.

With app clients that have included Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Empire Club and Dairy Australia, our expert technical and user experience team can create flawless and unforgettable applications. Skilled in first-rate usability and world-class design, ready to take your idea and turn it into an amazing iOS application that large audiences of apple products will return to time and time again.

iOS Application Development
iOS development

Leaders in the industry__

Our developers, who are known in the industry as leaders in both native and cross-platform development technology, also excel in quality assurance, meaning that they extensively test your application to ensure a bug-free deployment. There are lots of moving parts in app development and it is essential to make sure that it rests on a strong foundation without glitches or technical issues. You can be assured that with our team on hand, your new application is going to be state of the art.

Our comprehensive development process also ensures that we partner with you throughout every stage, from your initial idea, through to development (using either an agile or waterfall methodology), through to deployment. Our user experience team will work alongside our technical team at every turn, making sure that the technical features of the app are fully supported by the most seamless user experience.

iOS development

Benefit from nimble code__

No two applications are the same, just like no two clients are the same. Our expert web development team has experience developing everything from start-up level prototypes to enterprise level applications, and can help navigate the challenges of different industries and technologies. Meaning that we are happy to tackle projects both big and small, giving them an equal amount of care and the same high-level quality that we can guarantee to provide in all our offered services.

A distinct advantage of any application is the ability to adjust it in the future based on your evolving requirements. All of our applications are built with nimble, flexible and clean code that guarantees performance, but that can also be adjusted in the future. Your app will grow and change as you business does, while also keeping up to date with any updates to iOS software to make sure you and your team stay ahead of the game.

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iOS development

Multi-Platform development at your fingertips__

Our multi-talented team are experts in multiple operating systems including, but not limited to Android, Blackberry and Windows. In-house collaboration between our iPhone and Android teams, as well as with our UI and UX designers, mean that we can build and execute your app across every platform.

With our client list including top-tier organisations such as Dairy Australia, Mercedes and Porchse, our team comes equipped with both an understanding of complex organisations, and the knowledge required to develop apps to suit them. We are a multifaceted team with skills across different organisations and different platforms, whatever operating system you are interested in or what kind of business you run, be sure that we will be up to the challenge.

iOS development

iOS development FAQ__

With a dedicated team of mobile application developers, we have years of practice when it comes to complex iPhone app projects. From companies big, small and everything in between, we help clients design, build and then release powerful mobile apps that provide exactly what they need.

If you have any questions about how iOS development can help your business grow, take a look at the FAQ below and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further questions.

iOS application development is the process of creating software for Apple hardware. This covers a wide array of devices including but not limited to: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

  • Apple covers a wide range of unique devices that your app could easily be made compatible with. These devices are still gaining popularity and dominating the tech industry for ease of access by consumers and aesthetic appeal.
  • Apple’s most popular devices currently include: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. All of the Apple hardware uses the same iOS operating system meaning that it is possible to get your application running on all of them if that is something you are interested in.

While a very basic version of a mobile app can take up to three months to develop, a complex mobile app development with lots of moving parts can take over nine months or even more. The real answer is that we will take as long as we need to make the perfect app to meet your specifications, whatever they may be.

On average, you must update your app at least once a month to make sure that it is bug free and that it is up to date with any technological innovations. Though you can update it as often as you like, if, for example, the information that you are displaying in the app is often changing and will need frequent amendments.

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