We’ll help put your information architecture to work in a way that makes sense for your business_

Information architecture may sound esoteric to many people, but those in the know understand that it’s anything but. 

Simply put, information architecture sits at the intersection of high-quality content and the best possible user experience. Information architecture is the art of organising and presenting your website content in a way that ensures your customers (and search engines) can find and navigate it easily. 

The Newpath team understand how to harmonise the essential elements of information architecture, which include, but are not limited to, initial business analysis, content validation, evidence-based navigation, optimal user experiences, and striking visuals. 

By first understanding your business and customers in detail, we can build an information architecture that seamlessly supports and guides your customers and search engines to find the information they need. 

The importance of information architecture for SEO cannot be understated. By organising your content in a way that helps search engines find and rank your content, your organisation could enjoy a significant boost in your rankings and website performance, including the volume of organic traffic you receive.

Business analysis and information architecture


How easily can key information be found on your website? Does each level of content build upon the previous in a way that make sense. 

Working at the intersection of great content and optimal user experiences, we work with you to optimise your website structure and navigation through best-practice information architecture. 

Your customers aren’t the only ones looking at your website. Regularly, search engines are crawling your site, and it needs to be organised in such a way that they easily find what they need. 

Enhance your search engine rankings and website performance with optimal information architecture.

Best-practice information architecture harmonises content with website navigation, and creates the best possible user experience. 

And when customers can use your website, they convert. Optimising your information architecture can help chart conversion paths and lead to better lead generation and sales.

The average consumer on the web spends several seconds only on a website before losing interest. 

Help customers interpret, navigate and understand everything on your website with information architecture that makes sense to them.

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