Consolidate your operations with effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems

In an era where data is power, an effective ERP system can gather and organise data from a vast variety of places, including production, sales quoting, accounting, human resources, and much more. Synthesizing data via an ERP can give you insights across your entire organisation, and assist with reporting, strategic decisions, and  much more. 

Yet ERPs can be notoriously difficult to develop. 

Newpath’s expert team have developed complex ERPs to suit the requirements of organisations large and small. 

We are able to partner with you to develop the following different types of ERPs:  

  • On-premise ERPs: An on-premise ERP is any software that is deployed directly to your on-site devices.
  • Open source ERPs: This flexible solution enables you to inspect, modify and enhance ERP code, so as you can further customise your ERP in the future if required. 
  • Cloud-based ERPs: A cloud-based ERP has many benefits, including that your team can access services everywhere, at any time. Most organisations opt for this type of solution.


With a custom ERP, there are no limits to the data you can collect, analyse and report on. ERPs function as a single source of truth. 

ERPs also enable reporting with real-time information, so you can make strategic decisions faster

An ERP unlocks a wealth of information that enables an optional customer experience.

From better access to customer data, to faster response times, improved delivery times, order accuracy and much more, a premium ERP is what your customers need and expect.

ERPs provide substantial cost savings across your entire value chain, including improved inventory planning, optimal procurement management, and improved vendor relationship management.

If systems and processes are hindering progress, an ERP can help change this.

Premium ERPs automate numerous routine tasks, implement smarter workflows, and ultimately enable efficiencies and economies of scale.

With technology advancing rapidly, a modern ERP can deliver data, information, solutions and efficiencies that most organisations are simply not aware of.

Newpath’s expert team can partner with you to create a custom ERP tailored exactly to your needs.

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