Google display

Google’s display network stands out from the rest because it is, quite simply, better.

Industry insiders and marketing aficionados all know that if you only invest in one display network, the one you should choose is Google display (GDN).


Because – quite simply – it’s the best one. It works. 

Where other display networks congest search engines, GDN works hand in hand with all other Google products, and ultimately helps your organisation to reach the right people, in the right places, at the right time. 

GDN is famed for its reach: it reaches over 200 million sites, and a staggering 90% of global internet users. With this type of reach, GDN is also relatively cheap (in comparison to traditional search ads), and as such, can greatly assist with prospecting, brand awareness and remarketing. 

Arguably, buying intent with GDN is not as strong as it is for search, but to compensate, there is a much lower cost-per-click, as well as endless customisation options, meaning that GDN is an essential tool for all businesses. 

Newpath will partner with you to create best-practice GDN ads by doing the following: 

  • Set up in-market segment and affinity targeting: GDN offers a near endless array of targeting options. We’ll work with you to discover and then select the highest converting audience. 
  • Create custom intent audience: We are also able to create custom intent audiences, where Google finds people who are most likely to be interested in your product. 
  • Set up placement and topic targeting: GDN also allows up to select certain placements for your ad, as well as run it against certain topics. 
  • Create and monitor results: Through an advanced understanding of analytics, we’ll monitor your performance with GDN, and work to continually optimise it.
Google display


Google search ads are a great tool, but all organisations know that they come at a price, and this price can be as high as $100 per click. 

With pricing starting from just 5 cents per click, GDN provides more flexible budget and an invaluable tool to collect data.

The saying goes that a picture paints a thousand words, and GDN proves that this can be true. 

By using powerful images through GDN, your organisation can capture the attention of customers. GDN is a great tool for both awareness and conversion for this reason

GDN offers a myriad of options for customising your ads, and one option is to create video ads.

Given that videos are, on average, 20% more engaging than images, this enables your business to more effectively capture the attention of potential customers.

The range of targeting options on GDN is truly breathtaking. Take advantage of everything from topic and placement targeting, to in-market segment targeting, infinity targeting, and much more.

GDN is one of the most effective low-cost digital marketing tools, and by far the best display network.

Partner with us to create the best GDN ads, and we’ll help ensure that you always reach the right people, at the right time.

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