Portal & Dashboards

Creating the ultimate portal and dashboard__

Using dashboards and portals, your company is about providing real-time visibility into critical data and essential resources with easily customisable components. Dashboards and portals are made up of different widgets, and act differently based on what information you are looking to share. They can be shared with anyone, and are easily viewed through both your website or mobile device.

In order to get your information out in a concise and detailed manner, Newpath can work on collating your information and laying it out in an easily digestible dashboard or portal that can clean up your web page while also providing more detail to clients.

Portal & Dashboards


Dashboards can be shared with anyone, including members of your team, executives, or even your stakeholders. Sharing a live dashboard ensures you’re able to get the right information to the right people, in a way that is easy to understand and shows all of the facts in a clear and concise manner. This way you can ensure that you are making the right decisions at the right time.

There are certain dashboard design best practices you should follow to display your data in the best way, making it easy to analyze and actionable. Your business dashboard or portal should be user-friendly and simple so it can show a lot of information at once without it becoming confusing.

We have lots of experience working with dashboards and are ready to take the steps and make sure your dashboard meets your personal requirements and displays all the information you need while also following the basic design principles.

Investing in a customer portal means that you can improve self-service adoption and allow clients to answer their own questions through your site. This saves time spent speaking with them on the phone, and in many cases customers actually prefer to help themselves.

Therefore, investing in self-service is a victory for both the support organization and customer. Allowing the customer more agency, and giving the company more time that was originally spent answering basic queries.

Using dashboards and portals can also be a great way to provide updates to both your customers and stakeholders, this way they feel more closely involved with the business and its progress. You can also let them know about possible changes to the website, and why they might be implemented. A portal is a great place to answer questions that clients might have as well, providing them a way to raise any concerns they may wish to leave with the company.

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