Quality Assurance

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While to err is human, it’s important to make sure your business meets the expectations of its clients. Any software that you are offering should be released safe and functional, and the best way to make sure you provide everything that you have promised is to have an experienced team of QA testers checking everything before your software goes live.

Our quality assurance and software testing professionals consider every milestone of a website, app or custom software as well as any additions or changes to website design or code. Whether the project is small or large, our QA process is always applied.

Quality Assurance


Quality assurance is essential and our Melbourne based software testing services are unsurpassed. Our well-defined and documented testing procedures are a standout for our customers. Working independently across all projects, our detail-oriented QA analysts create test cases, and produce release notes, throughout a project life-cycle to ensure overall project success.

The entire Newpath web design and web development process follows an established standard that conforms to strict specifications. It is our goal to continuously enhance digital quality assurance across the technology testing landscape, from cloud, mobility and big data analytics through to Agile and DevOps. Our drive for top results is why we are a leading software quality assurance agency for Melbourne, and everywhere else in Australia.

At Newpath, we have two staging test labs where we assess websites, apps and software on different platforms. This staging environment allows us to perform tests and quality assurance before migrating changes to a live production environment. It’s important to know that everything is working as intended before letting your software go live, and these staging labs are the perfect way to do that.

If the QA process is working in tandem with your team from the very beginning of the software development lifecycle, it can help you save a lot of money and time on bug correction after the application or software has gone live. It is a lot harder for IT teams to patch bugs there further along your development because there will be more moving pieces to manage. Having a dedicated team of QA testers from the beginning will keep everything running smoothly.

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