60+ multi site, multilingual websites managed under a single Wordpress instance, highly customised and streamlined CMS UI, geolocation, advanced flexible campaign page builder, enterprise support and security standards, 24/7 support



The brief__

Nufarm is the leading force behind over thousands of agricultural success stories. Built on a strong reputation of great customer service, strong relationships and dependable products, the key to moving forward for Nufarm was to improve their online presence and brand — which is where their journey with Newpath, a full service digital agency began.


The process__

Nufarm approached Newpath to help them build and launch multiple websites for different brands, global regions, and product lines. Nufarm’s global enterprise needed to manage all of these sites at a corporate level to maintain compliance standards and create a consistent overall messaging and brand identity.

The engagement started in June 2018 and we’ve since launched a highly capable multi-instance CMS (containing approximately 50 country sub-sites) that allows their global brand managers and digital leads to manage content.


Discovery phase__

Ultimately, the goal was to build a customised infrastructure for Nufarm to help them manage their website(s) with ease. To do so, Newpath created a high-security infrastructure while also guiding Nufarm’s new digital strategy. To date, Newpath continues to build flexible custom CMS solutions that set their digital leads free to create their own campaigns without the need to engage developer or design team on an ongoing basis.

This has significantly lowered the cost of managing digital campaigns and lowered the cost of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of the CMS platform.


Design + develop__

A complex website build, our capable team manages the regional sites from a customised multi-tenancy CMS on their enterprise AWS infrastructure. We used the WordPress multi-site management feature to house each country site within a single WordPress instance. Sharing a common set of features and modules, regional digital leads and external creative consultants can manage each of their respective sites efficiently using the same processes and methods. When centralised management and maintenance of the platform is taken into account, all these factors combined represent a huge cost saving for the Business.

Implementation of a successful multi-site strategy has helped enter new markets, increase market share, develop a competitive advantage and build strong in-house brand differentiation. It also enabled them to introduce a new line of products and scale at an international level.


The results__

A relationship built on dependability, accountability, expertise and partnership, we love working with our friends at Nufarm as it exemplifies team spirit transcending borders and balance sheets.

Ultimately, the website platforms built by Newpath Web have greatly improved market engagement on a global scale while streamlining digital marketing activities. Supported by our strategy and development teams, we also offer Nufarm’s global business 24/7 support for devops, digital strategy and design. While our innovation team provides Nufarm’s digital team with analysis, strategic advice and solution design services to ensure their regional marketing teams are given consistent yet flexible marketing tools to meet their strategic requirements.

This formula has led us to launch a range of successful campaigns on a global scale while continuously improving Nufarm’s online brand. Our 2020/21 roadmap will see us further develop their digital capabilities through marketing automation and experience management strategies.

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