Platform Support

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Any business looking to run a website or application will likely have some interacting with platforms that are designed to be the foundation of your online presence. They are designed to make the process of iterating upon and updating your website easier, as they already have most of the important features already installed, and you just need to customize them.

One of the main draws is that you can customize the design and functionality of your site by downloading or purchasing templates and extensions, rather than coding. Which does save a lot of time, but even still, having a reliable platform support team available means that if you have any questions or want some changes made that are too complex to handle yourself, they can take the reigns.

Platform Support


We make sure to work with a vast number of platforms to ensure expertise across multiple fields. Some platforms we work with include:

We know that finding and developing the right platform for your business goals is integral to the overall success of a digital project. Whichever CMS is right for you, our 150+ strong development team and business strategists have the diverse technology expertise needed to plan and manage your project from initial idea to launch. Scroll down to explore our CMS experience.

We make sure that we are available as often as possible to provide assistance with any issues you may have with one of our supported platforms. Our team has extensive experience troubleshooting and solving issues that may appear in any platforms that you have used to establish your website or application, and will make sure to have the problem resolved quickly and efficiently.

Letting our team liaise with your platform provider on your behalf saves you time, and also means you don’t need to worry about not understanding any of the technical jargon. Simply tell us what it is that you want fixed or changed and we can relay the information for you. This gives you more time to focus on the important duties you have within your business.

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