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Bridget Black August 1st, 2022

Given how much we rely on digital products, there’s nothing more frustrating than when they fail us. Software testing is designed to prevent this from happening, ensuring that a software product meets expectations and delivers functional performance.

As is the case with any digital product or process, software testing is constantly evolving. Continue reading to learn a little more about the process of software testing and the trends the experienced digital team at Newpath Web, a leading web development company in Melbourne, has noticed impacting this industry in 2022.

What is software testing?

IBM — arguably the world’s leading software development company — defines software testing as:

‘…the process of evaluating and verifying that a software product or application does what it is supposed to. The benefits of testing include preventing bugs, reducing development costs and improving performance.’

Software testing is an umbrella term that refers to a number of different processes, each with different objectives. Common types of software testing a development team might implement include:

It should be noted that these tests do not need to be performed manually (although they can be). There are a number of programs that will automate the testing process, saving significant time and resources — which brings us to our top software testing trends of 2022!

Software testing trends

Newpath Web’s proven approach to software testing

As a leading web development company in Melbourne, Newpath Web follows a highly honed software testing process. We understand what our clients require and have developed a reputation for continually delivering on expectations.

We apply our quality assurance processes to every project we work on, whether big or small. Every milestone of a website, app, or custom software project is tested thoroughly for bugs and against expected user requirements.

Our software testing process involves assessing apps, websites, and projects across two staging test labs, enabling us to efficiently identify potential issues before your product goes live. We are recognised as a leading software testing team in Melbourne and are confident our services will lead to digital success.

For more information about our approach to software testing and the trends, we expect to see continuing to make an impact going into 2023 and beyond, contact the experienced team at Newpath Web today.

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