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The project

Being a communication-based service, TPG knew that a satisfied customer was an essential asset to their company. Wanting to expand on this attribute, TPG aimed to take their communication-service success to another platform — a mobile app — across iOS and Android. That’s where Newpath Web came in, helping TPG pave a new path for communication.




The process

Building an app is tough enough, but ensuring it actually answers to a customer’s needs and creates a seamless customer journey is the first hurdle. Newpath Web decided to build a React Native based mobile app across iOS and Android that allowed TPG users increased mobility.


Answering unvoiced needs

Learning about the typical customer journey was essential prior to mapping out the application. Through this, the importance of having a hassle-free system in place that helped customers was highlighted, to avoid the standard drawn out procedures. Speaking to customers as well as the TPG team helped Newpath Web understand the results needed from the app; building a unique platform that created the ideal user experience.

One of the prime concerns was the complaint process — customers often struggled to follow up with various issues. To make the app more engaging and encourage consumers to use it, tackling this issue was at the top of the list. With communication at the heart of the app’s design, the development began.

Design + Develop

A one-stop shop for all your internet needs

A solution was designed incorporating connection tests and on-the-spot problem detection for each user. This helped avoid the need for phone calls and would now give consumers the opportunity to follow up on cases, on their own time.

Additionally, internet connection speed tests could be done remotely, through the app. When it comes to TPG NBN plans, installation progress can be tracked, and switching plans to a lower or higher speed tier is also now possible.

The billing process was also simplified, allowing customers to update their payment and personal details, as well as check account statements.


One app to rule them all...

Now, a user could manage their TPG plan on-the-go with the ability to change their NBN plan, check on their connection status, update personal details and more, all in one place, with one app.

The results

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