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Bridget Black May 31st, 2021

A decade ago, accessing the internet via your watch would have seemed like a distant dream. Today, many of us text, call, and browse via our smartwatches and other connected wearable devices. Which begs the question — where will we be ten years from now?

For web users, dreaming up what kind of devices we will be able to get our hands on is more than exciting. For website owners and developers, on the other hand, this question presents as a real headache. It’s one thing to develop an engaging, innovative site for a simple desktop browser. What if a few years down the track, someone wants to access it via their digital refrigerator?

Fortunately, there is a solution — the headless CMS. Headless CMS have been around for a little while now and are considered the best way to ensure that your content is accessible long after it has been written and published. Recently, industry leading CMS provider Kentico came out with their own headless CMS, known as Kentico Kontent. The next step in Kentico web development, Kentico Kontent is the solution for anyone wanting to future-proof their site.

What is a headless CMS?

To understand what a headless CMS is, you need to get a handle on the features of a traditional CMS.

A traditional CMS is made up of two different sections — the front-end and the back-end. The back-end is primarily concerned with the creation, management, and storage of content. The front-end, meanwhile, focuses on the presentation and delivery of content. When we say the word ‘content’ it doesn’t only mean text files, but rather any type of information you see on a webpage. This can be images, videos, banners, and other interactive elements.

The front-end and the back-end of a traditional CMS work hand in hand, enabling the web page to function effectively and cohesively.

However, we don’t need to tell you that technology is evolving at a rapid rate. While a traditional CMS was perfect for developers who were building a simple website to be viewed on a laptop or PC, what happens when your end user has an Apple watch? Or wants to access the site via a form of technology yet to be invented?

Enter the headless CMS. A headless CMS can be thought of as a simple content repository where all of your site content is stored. As the name suggests, a headless CMS has — you guessed it — no head. Rather, web developers use what is known as an API (Application Program Interface) to deliver content to the desired platform. Each time your site needs to be accessed on a new type of device, an API can be built.

Headless CMS’ are therefore considered the technology of the future. Opting to use one means that you will be future-proofing your site, ensuring that all of your valuable work and content does not get lost as technology evolves.

However, a headless CMS is not for everyone. It takes considerable technical skill to create, run, and maintain a headless platform, meaning it is best attempted by a team of trained web developers.

Why go with Kentico?

Owned by Kentico Software, Kentico Kontent is the headless iteration of their popular CMS platform, Kentico.

Using Kentico Kontent, developers (and website owners) have complete control over the way in which content is displayed. This means, through the development of corresponding APIs, your web content can be accessed on everything from a simple desktop browser to a VR headset.

There are many benefits to using Kentico Kontent. As a platform, it promotes efficiency across your workplace by creating, saving, and storing files in an orderly manner so that all employees can access and edit content.

The interface of Kentico Kontent is very user-friendly. While you will need a team of developers to set up your APIs, the backend can be easily accessed and modified by anyone possessing basic tech skills.

Multi-factor authentication means that your data is kept secure, while the ability to set custom roles means that you can easily restrict certain areas of your website to authorised users.

Kentico Kontent also offers a wide variety of integrations and extensions, meaning you can customise your site with the latest in eCommerce, analytics, and digital marketing tools.

Newpath Web — Kentico developers you can trust

While the platform is user friendly, Kentico web development is a complex task best left to the professionals.

Newpath Web is a Kentico Developer Gold Partner, meaning that we offer the highest quality development solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. As an industry leader in the field of Kentico development, we understand the possibilities of Kentico Kontent and how best the technology can be used to serve the needs of our clients.

Our team of expert Kentico developers have worked on Kentico projects from the ground up, and also have experience stepping in and rescuing development projects that have hit a few hurdles along the way.

If you are looking to future-proof your website and are interested in the many possibilities of a headless CMS, contact the team at Newpath Web today to learn more.

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