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Dean Gerst January 21st, 2021

According to Statista, around 3.5 billion people access the internet from their smartphones and the mobile app industry is predicted to be worth over $935 billion through in-app advertising and paid downloads by 2023. This highlights the value of iOS and Android app development. 

Created by Facebook, React Native is an open-source framework for creating unique and exciting mobile applications. It builds UI (User Interface) components for creating the JavaScript code in both Android and iOS mobile applications. It also reduces the development time by only needing to be coded once, which has led to React Native gaining huge community support and popularity.

At Newpath Web, a leading web design company in Melbourne, we have had years of experience mastering this platform. So, when it comes to cross-platform app development, why is React Native the ideal app development tool?

Integrates with third-party plugins

App developers can often suffer due to not being able to use third-party plugins when having to use other frameworks when creating an app for another platform. This could be due to it not being secure enough to use third-party plugins or the framework not being compatible with them.

By using React Native, app developers can easily add third-party plugins. This is because it is a very flexible platform with intuitive interfaces loaded with customisation options.

Features code reuse

A very important feature of React Native is the advantage of code reusability. With it’s very convenient and easy to use framework, app developers are not required to create a separate mobile app from scratch when building for a new platform. In fact, roughly about 90% of the React Native code is able to be reused between both Android and iOS.

Simple mobile UI

The reason why mobile app development using React Native appears more like a JavaScript library as opposed to a framework is due to the fact that it has a heavy focus on mobile user interface. When building and developing a mobile application, the implementation happens in a systematic manner and becomes regulated.

The result of a mobile UI being designed in React Native is that it will have a shorter load time and due to having a more simple design.

Features hot reload

React Native features hot reload, which easily enables a mobile app developer to refresh an app during the mobile app development stage. By being able to automatically reload the mobile application as the code changes, the overall app development time will also improve.

Each new change that is made by the developer can be instantly viewed through live-tracking. An updated user interface and real-time data is also generated.

It is cost-effective

By using React Native, mobile app developers are able to build cross-platforms without the usual costs involved. This is because once the app has been created, over half of the code can then be reused on other platforms. Any errors are also easily identified and addressed on the spot, further reducing the overall costs involved.

With a common code base, debugging times are also reduced as opposed to other frameworks. This is because any issues will only need to be fixed once.

Declarative coding and modular architecture

Featuring modular programming, app developers can easily organise the functionalities of each program into modules (independent blocks). Because developers are able to look into other projects, they can also generate updates. React Native allows for a flexible and streamlined coding process due to declarative coding. With an intuitive and clever user interface, an app developer can easily take one look at a code and instantly understand it.

Loaded with a variety of useful features, React Native is ideal for building cross-platform mobile applications. At Newpath Web, an experienced web design company in Melbourne, our team of experienced and talented mobile app developers will work closely with you to create a tailored cross-platform mobile app according to your specific needs.

To learn more information about how we can assist you, explore our website or contact us on 1300 761 806 to get started today.

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