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Why Engage An Australian Website Developer?

So, you’re looking for a new website, what do you need to tick off your list? There can be a number of reasons why you're looking for a new website, and understanding why inherently influences the form of the new website. But trust in an Australian website developer to get the job done because of a variety of benefits....

July 21 / By Ben Crocker (Online Marketing Account Manager)

Search Engine Reputation Management: Expectation vs. Reality

We’ve worked with a number of businesses to assist with their search engine reputation management, so we’ve clearly got a good grasp of what works and what doesn’t work. However, what can be especially difficult to deal with are the false expectations that a number of businesses have about the service. The process of search engine reputation management (SERM) is already difficult enough without dealing with external noise about various practices, so we’ve summarised a few points that we think might help you understand why we do what we do!...

July 19 / By Ben Crocker (Online Marketing Account Manager)

Long-Tail Keywords: SEO Gold

As a Melbourne SEO company, we recognise that one of the most important steps in any campaign is keyword selection. Understanding that different keywords deliver different things for your campaign is absolutely critical, and more importantly, it’s also about understanding that search volume with these keywords isn’t everything....

July 17 / By Ben Crocker (Online Marketing Account Manager)

Looking at the Design Process For Web Design and Development

We all recognise that the web design and development process is a long and complex one. Newpath WEB offers exceptional services for businesses across Australia and the world, but one element of the process that we want to highlight is the design step....

July 14 / By Ben Crocker (Online Marketing Account Manager)

What is Machine Learning?

As a digital agency in Melbourne, we're constantly abreast of new and exciting concepts being floated in the digital industry. A growing catch-cry in tech industries (and one that is exciting a lot of people) is machine learning. Instead of programming a computer to complete tasks in orders A-B-C, machine learning is essentially about teaching a computer to look at data and build its own systems to process and provide insights. But rest assured, sci-fi fans, because this isn’t going to be like The Terminator, with machine’s eventually rising up to work together and overthrow humanity....

July 7 / By Ben Crocker (Online Marketing Account Manager)

How to Undertake Search Engine Reputation Management

Trying to undertake search engine reputation management on your own can be a daunting task. I mean, where do you even start with something like that? As opposed to online reputation management (ORM), which actually covers a large number of different issues and is really more of a catchall than a specific product offering, search engine reputation management looks at your performance in search engine results based on positive, neutral and negative sentiments of each link found....

July 5 / By Ben Crocker (Online Marketing Account Manager)